Retro Love


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The perfect way to perk up my weekend outfit! Am loving this retro Moschino belt all over again. After borrowing it numerous times from my sister, she finally gave in and gifted it to me (yippeee!!).  I will be wearing this with my leather trousers and a simple tee. I love the deep aubergine colour.

On another note, its the weekend tomorrow guys! Looking forward to a crisp and cold one :)



Turquoise Brogues


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You know when you are having one of those weeks? Nothing seems to go according to plan and you just want it to get to Friday evening as soon as possible! I am having one of those weeks and what do I do ? Of course I shop! If nothing then opening a parcel to find these bright things did make me smile.

I bought this pair on eBay for 12 quid and was not expecting much but I must say I am pleasantly surprised! The colour is a lovely bright turquoise and the suede is soft with good detailing. I ordered a size 5 and they are comfortable too. A great bargain! They don’t seem to be a one-off pair as I saw the same pair on Amazon here (they appear to sell ex-branded-de labelled footwear, not sure what it implies though)

It is freezing in London this week so my bright brogues may not leave home but I am already thinking of outfits to pair them with!

Mane essentials


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L-R: Morrocan Oil, Kerastase Clement Thermique, Lush Curly Wurly Shampoo

L-R: Shu Uemure Moisture Velvet Conditioner, Philip Kingsley Elasticizer, John Frieda 3-day Straight

I thought I did do a post on the haircare products I am using currently. Now I am not an expert in beauty but I have trawled through a lot of products to find those that work for me. I have medium thick and heavy hair which does get coarse as I keep styling it often and it isn’t coloured or highlighted at the moment. Just a sheer gloss for shine.

Shampoo: I purchased this tub of Lush Curly Wurly Shampoo after the store assistant recommended it. It has bits of coconut in it which get stuck in my hair and take ages to wash out. It did leave my hair a little dry may be because I had such a hard time getting rid of the bits. I am not sure if I am to use it in any different way :S but it is a no show for me. I also use Pantene Clarifying Shampoo once a week to remove product buildup.

Conditioner: I bought the Shu Uemura Moisture Velvet Conditioner at my hair salon for 30 quid! Yes! Eye watering expensive. But I had one of the Shu hair rituals recently and loved it! It made my hair so shiny and healthy that I just had to try the conditioner. The best part about the product is that you need just a little amount. Too much and you risk getting greasy hair. Loving it!

Treatment: Philip Kingsley Elasticizer has been highly recommended so I had to give it a go. I use it before washing my hair once a week and leave it on for atleast half and hour. My hair does feel less frizzy and very manageable. It is especially good if your hair tends to get very frizzy when its raining or humid.

Heat Protection: I blowdry my hair everytime I wash it which is every 3 days or so. I avoid washing my hair everyday as it dries it out and is just so much effort to dry and style it! I use Kerastase Ciment Thermique as it is light weight, non sticky and makes hair shiny after you style it. It is particularly a great product if you use a lot of heat on your hair.

I also use the John Freida 3 day Straight spray when I want a sleek clean look. I use it with straightners and while blow drying, works equally well. I don’t need my hair to be straight for 3 days but it does make the hair weather proof, which is a bonus

Serum: I don’t know why Morrocan Oil is called an oil. whatever it is, it is great for coarse and thick hair. It makes it soft and I love the smell. Also it is a great product to tame my hair when I let it dry naturally, it falls into lovely waves.

So these products are working for my hair type, Do you use any of the products above and how do you find them?




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Over the weekend I met a friend for lunch and as we started chatting, she had a searching look on her face. She noticed something was amiss – my fingers were bare, missing my regular rings. I almost never leave home without at least one on. It never occurred to me how these small things make a noticeable difference!

I love my jewellery and you will always find me with something on, I feel it just makes a look more.. me! Not to mention all these pieces have a story which make them so special. This is a quick post of some of my favourite pieces, I keep changing it up with my mood and looks :)

These are from my mum and grandmom. Some which my grandmom has had as long as she can remember and the oval amber ring which my mom bought in the 60’s. It has a few scratches now but I think it adds to the charm.

This silver band was bought in India in Jaipur where it was handmade to my size. I am always looking out for more pieces to add to my collection!

Do you also have some signature pieces you wear everyday?

Tough Love

Givenchy Buckled Leather Sandals £655

Let me declare my love for this amazing pair of shoes! It has been love at first sight, they are my perfect pair for adding some edge to the pretty pastels which are cropping up for spring-summer. The chunky heel is comfortable and versatile for night and day time. However, the  hefty price tag is not helping my infatuation with them. I have scoured various options online to get that balance of tough leather with clean lines. Here is my pick of the options with the Topshop version coming quite close (some great steals on sale !)

Topshop Paragon Zip front sandals £ 90

L-R: Aperlai Python sandals (on sale from Outnet), Michael Kors Leather Cuff sandals

The APERLAI sandals are such a steal reduced from £760 to £190! So gutted they don’t have my size!

L-R: Asos Leather sandals, Reed Krakoff Leather sandals

Which is your go to pair for Spring? Would love to know!

Reviving the Corners


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I live with my boyfriend in a Victorian townhouse converted into a block of flats. The common style seen in most areas of London. It is a partial basement flat so natural light is something I really miss, I love bright spaces flooded with sunlight.

The flat has a small landing just as you enter which was begging to be used. This weekend we finally came across a great piece for this corner at the local auction house in Angel. It is a lovely deep mahogany colour.  For 50 pounds, a real steal I think. The concave mirror is also from the same place and is filling up the place till I find one the right size for this place.

It has a small drawer to hold car keys etc., things you want to pick up while you dash out and an umbrella stand which we really need as it is always raining in London and it is great to have them nearby. There is an acrylic tray I bought on ebay which holds odd bits and post.

On another note, I often come across a lot of things online which I want to file away and refer to for inspiration. I have found a great way to do that through Pinterest. I am sure you have seen it around, but it really is such a handy tool. Here is a link to my boards to see what is inspiring me right now. If you are on Pinterest, please drop a link to your boards, would love to see what is inspiring you !

Have a great weekend!


Arm Candy Haul


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I am not much of a bag person. More so because 5 days of the week I need a sturdy, roomy bag which is at best professional. But I also want to have the ‘fun’ options for after hours and the weekend! sigh, the dilemma! This January I finally came close to splurging on an expensive exquisite creation but just couldn’t make up my mind with all the great options. Pathetic, I know!

So, here are the 6 staples from my collection, some I picked up during the January sales in London.

The DKNY and French Connection bags are my work staples, lots of room and simple styles. The Orange tote from Banana Republic was almost love at first sight ! It brightens up every weekend outfit, perfect for shopping. And finally, the rest are fun bags to spice up an evening outfit! (Apologies for the pictures, I NEED a good camera but I have to wait a bit for it)
Which ones are your favourites?

Banana Republic Kirstin tote 

French Connection Adele Shoulder Bag

DKNY BLack shoulder bag

Mango Lizy sequinned bag

L-R: NineWest Pink Clutch, Mango Lizy sequinned bag and Accessorize sequinned clutch

The perfect hot chocolate… well almost!


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Honestly, I am the last person to be writing about chocolate. Why, you ask? Because I am not crazy about it. There, I said it. However I think that makes me well equipped to talk about this subject as I won’t wolf down anything that is remotely chocolatey!

So back to the topic, the other day I was looking for something to finish of a light meal and a creamy hot chocolate shot was just enough to give that comforting chocolate fix.

I use the standard ingredients:

  • 1 cup Whole milk (don’t skimp on the richness with skimmed, we don’t want chocolate flavoured milk)
  • 1/4th cup Milk chocolate or dark chocolate pieces (depending on how bitter you like it)
  • 1 tbsp Dark cocoa powder ( I used Green and Blacks, for a clean cocoa flavour)
  • 2 tbsp Pouring cream (Optional)
As they say, the devil is in the detail. So I heat the milk in a pan (just under boiling point), add the chocolate pieces and cocoa and let it all melt, stirring continuously. Once most of the chocolate has melted, let the mixture cool a little and add the cream and whisk or blend it all till you have a thick creamy liquid. I add sugar to mine depending how sweet the chocolate is. The reason I use a mixture of cooking chocolate and cocoa powder is to give a creamy texture which I never seem to get with shop bought drinking chocolate.
I also like to add a few twists – A sliver of red chilli while warming the milk, dusting of cinnamon or some ground ginger. Also, if you do not wish to use regular whole milk, I have use almond milk and the result is just as good, nutty and creamier.


What’s for dinner?


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Crab and Chili Linguine

I must say, I feel very guilty after a working week. Dinners are often rushed and sometimes I am just so tired that cooking anything feels arduous! But I love cooking and it is a great way to relax for me. So this weekend I saw some fresh crab at the fish monger and went straight back to this simple recipe, very Italian and reminiscent of balmy summers :) . I tend to add some Pastis along with white wine/sherry to the recipe to add a lovely aniseed flavour.

Pastis Bleu

I bought this blue version in Cassis last summer. It is very popular in South of France during summer, especially in Marseille as an apéritif, very similar to Greek Ouzo or Lebanese Arak. For cooking, the regular white version is fine, blue hued pasta – not so sure !

I would love to hear about your weekend staples!


Marrakech Part 2 – Souks


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Jemaa el-Fna post sunset

My earlier post would have been deemed incomplete without the second set of pictures, the souks in Marrakech. Indeed an explosion for the senses. Yes, there are parts that make you uneasy and you feel out of your comfort zone but isn’t that what it is all about? Go ahead and play your part in this Arabian nights fairy tale :)