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I am always on the look out for some miracle beauty product. It isn’t that I have to fix some major skin issue, but it is more about discovering. I enjoy finding new products packed with promise. Whether they deliver or not is a different story. Sometime I am just happy with the ‘feel good factor’ it offers!

Over the past couple of years I have sourced information from varied sources. Magazines with the latest beauty finds (not sure if latest is always the best), books with iconic products and finally the blogs. I wonder where I checked out make up swatches before Temptalia!

Today I want to introduce you to my favourites –

Sali Hughes from the Guardian and Emily Weiss from Into The Gloss

Emily Weiss

Into The Gloss is a blog I came across when it featured in the monthly H&M magazine. From the first post onwards I was hooked. I love that Emily has access to the make up bags and bathroom cabinets of some amazing women all who speak about their routine is such detail, I feel a friend is speaking! The best part is they are honest if they use a 100 products and it isn’t about I just happen to look so good without any effort! I must admit I have picked up many great tips from the blog and a strong urge to be french! (don’t we all ??)

Sali Hughes

The second choice is a beauty column Sali Hughes writes for the Guardian (an English newspaper) every week. I tend to read it online as she also uploads a short video along with the column. The main reason I love her column is because it is just so straightforward. She tries out all the options for a topic each week and picks her 5 favourites keeping in mind all skin types and price ranges. What more can you ask for! I find it particularly helpful when I want to say find a primer and I just go to her listing and select the one I think would be most appropriate! And the comments section and Facebook group form an encyclopedia of information on their own. Fun banter to revive that dull Friday.

Warning – Regular use of the websites increases your beauty spend exponentially ;)

Which are your favourite beauty websites? Would love to know!