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You know when you are having one of those weeks? Nothing seems to go according to plan and you just want it to get to Friday evening as soon as possible! I am having one of those weeks and what do I do ? Of course I shop! If nothing then opening a parcel to find these bright things did make me smile.

I bought this pair on eBay for 12 quid and was not expecting much but I must say I am pleasantly surprised! The colour is a lovely bright turquoise and the suede is soft with good detailing. I ordered a size 5 and they are comfortable too. A great bargain! They don’t seem to be a one-off pair as I saw the same pair on Amazon here (they appear to sell ex-branded-de labelled footwear, not sure what it implies though)

It is freezing in London this week so my bright brogues may not leave home but I am already thinking of outfits to pair them with!