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L-R: Morrocan Oil, Kerastase Clement Thermique, Lush Curly Wurly Shampoo

L-R: Shu Uemure Moisture Velvet Conditioner, Philip Kingsley Elasticizer, John Frieda 3-day Straight

I thought I did do a post on the haircare products I am using currently. Now I am not an expert in beauty but I have trawled through a lot of products to find those that work for me. I have medium thick and heavy hair which does get coarse as I keep styling it often and it isn’t coloured or highlighted at the moment. Just a sheer gloss for shine.

Shampoo: I purchased this tub of Lush Curly Wurly Shampoo after the store assistant recommended it. It has bits of coconut in it which get stuck in my hair and take ages to wash out. It did leave my hair a little dry may be because I had such a hard time getting rid of the bits. I am not sure if I am to use it in any different way :S but it is a no show for me. I also use Pantene Clarifying Shampoo once a week to remove product buildup.

Conditioner: I bought the Shu Uemura Moisture Velvet Conditioner at my hair salon for 30 quid! Yes! Eye watering expensive. But I had one of the Shu hair rituals recently and loved it! It made my hair so shiny and healthy that I just had to try the conditioner. The best part about the product is that you need just a little amount. Too much and you risk getting greasy hair. Loving it!

Treatment: Philip Kingsley Elasticizer has been highly recommended so I had to give it a go. I use it before washing my hair once a week and leave it on for atleast half and hour. My hair does feel less frizzy and very manageable. It is especially good if your hair tends to get very frizzy when its raining or humid.

Heat Protection: I blowdry my hair everytime I wash it which is every 3 days or so. I avoid washing my hair everyday as it dries it out and is just so much effort to dry and style it! I use Kerastase Ciment Thermique as it is light weight, non sticky and makes hair shiny after you style it. It is particularly a great product if you use a lot of heat on your hair.

I also use the John Freida 3 day Straight spray when I want a sleek clean look. I use it with straightners and while blow drying, works equally well. I don’t need my hair to be straight for 3 days but it does make the hair weather proof, which is a bonus

Serum: I don’t know why Morrocan Oil is called an oil. whatever it is, it is great for coarse and thick hair. It makes it soft and I love the smell. Also it is a great product to tame my hair when I let it dry naturally, it falls into lovely waves.

So these products are working for my hair type, Do you use any of the products above and how do you find them?