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Over the weekend I met a friend for lunch and as we started chatting, she had a searching look on her face. She noticed something was amiss – my fingers were bare, missing my regular rings. I almost never leave home without at least one on. It never occurred to me how these small things make a noticeable difference!

I love my jewellery and you will always find me with something on, I feel it just makes a look more.. me! Not to mention all these pieces have a story which make them so special. This is a quick post of some of my favourite pieces, I keep changing it up with my mood and looks :)

These are from my mum and grandmom. Some which my grandmom has had as long as she can remember and the oval amber ring which my mom bought in the 60’s. It has a few scratches now but I think it adds to the charm.

This silver band was bought in India in Jaipur where it was handmade to my size. I am always looking out for more pieces to add to my collection!

Do you also have some signature pieces you wear everyday?