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Calvaneo Chronograph

Michael Kors Chronograph 

Baume & Mercier Classima

I have never been a watch person. I mean apart from serving the function, i.e. show time, I never thought much of them. That was until I found a watch that has now become my default accessory. It is big, gold and imposing – the hugely popular Michael Kors Chronograph. If I was going to wear a watch everyday then it had to be something substantial, no tiny bracelets would work. I was unsure of its transition into my work wardrobe – 5/7 days in a week after all! But you know what, it worked just fine, it added something special to the dull work greys. And the price meant I did not have to stick to it for next 5 years either!

Apart from my mainstay watch, every now and then I have the urge to change it up a bit. And these days am veering towards masculine timepieces. I am loving these two – A Baume & Mercier Classima and a Calvaneo 1583.  I like how the watches feel luxe and chunky on my wrist. They are oversize to be honest, but I love it nevertheless! These are my inspiration for a masculine watch to add to my collection, hopefully an affordable alternative!

Do you like men’s watches?