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I know summer is long way out and we are still muddling over the excesses of Christmas and New Years but nothing makes me more happy than the thought of an upcoming holiday, even a small weekend get away! It is no surprise then that holiday companies register most business during these dull months when all we can do is plan and book our upcoming holidays in warm sunny places.

I am still far away from planning my summer but what makes me smile every time is revisiting snapshots of last summer :)

Last August I spent ten days in the south of France travelling through Provence and visiting quaint seaside towns with my boyfriend. I had a wonderful time, so much so that I fantasized shopping in the markets with my straw tote (so chic!) and long rustic lunches on the patio with some great local wine! aah sheer bliss!

Here are a few snapshots of the trip that make me forget the grey morning