Who would’ve thought!

A big hello to everyone! Hope you all are having a great weekend!

I have had the most surreal last 24 hours which started with an unassuming dinner at a friend’s. Over the course of the night, some jiving and friendly tussle resulted in a dislocated ankle ! What followed was an excruciating wait for the ambulance and subsequent 12 hours in the A&E! I was amazed at my friends courage who took it all in her stride and was surely the most amusing patient around. Somehow the harmless dinner has finished with a cast and 6 weeks of confinement! Who would’ve thought….

Midweek Dinner


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Honey and balsamic pork medallions

I shall come clean about this – I find mid-week dinners rather excruciating. I often cannot make up my mind. Sometimes I am so tired I cannot bear the thought of the start to finish cooking process and at times I find it a good way to escape the stresses of the day!

The above recipe comes somewhere in the middle when you want to make an effort – I want to cook, indulge but I don’t want to slave in the kitchen as my warm bath is much too tempting! :)

I tweak it as per my mood, sometimes with strong mustard or with some soy and sesame oil to add an Asian touch. But it is quick and you cannot go very wrong with cooking pork.

And that is my boyfriend plating his up !

First look – Marni for H&M collection



Hope everyone is having a great weekend! I came across pieces from the Marni for H&M collection last night and I must say it has been worth the wait!  I feel the pieces are a refreshing change to the normal high street fare, I am finding it really difficult to pick my favourites! What do you think?

L-R Silk Dress $99 and $149

Clockwise from top: Vest $60, blouse $99, printed trousers $99, coat $149, silk shorts $60, skirt $70

Clockwise from top: silk maxi dress $149, skirt $70, silver leather sandals $70, pink silk shorts $60, leather sandals $70, bag $50

Clockwise from top: necklace $35, sequin collar $25, bracelet $35, bracelet $25, earrings $25

This week


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This week I have contributed very little to the blog, mainly due to unexpected work engagements which had me moving around a lot. Anyhow it is finally the weekend and I am looking forward to spending time at home !

A few snippets from my week…


Heading out for breakfast all wrapped up to brace the cold.. glad the mercury has been on its way up this week !

A meal at da Polpo, a New York style Italian restaurant in Covent Garden. They have flavoursome small plates of food perfect for sharing.

A rare treat of macarons. I am not a big fan but sometimes I like to indulge. I love the salty caramel and rose flavours.

I have decided to abstain from shopping for the rest of the month mainly because I want to avoid impulsive new season purchases. This is primarily for clothes and shoes as I have already shopped for some beauty stuff. I hope I can continue it for the remaining 12 days… wish me luck!

Have a great weekend :)


Friday splurge


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A few flowers to brighten the day

It has to be something about Fridays.. I have this urge to indulge, buy something. I find it easiest to buy beauty or makeup on a whim. A lipstick here and an eyeshadow there.. just a few extras I tell myself! Who am I kidding! Often these extras are bought only to stash them in the ‘extras’ box :)

Anyhow, here’s what I picked up this afternoon and something that came in the post!

My haul :)

  1. ELF Studio Makeup Mist & Set £3.50
  2. L’Occitane Repairing Shampoo for Dry & Damaged Hair £17
  3. Waitrose Baby Bottom Butter £2.89
  4. Touche Veloutee By Terry £35
  5. Laura Mercier Secret Concealer £18.50
  6. Laura Mercier Under Eye Perfector £18.50
  7. Revlon Just Bitten Lip stain and Balm £8

Over time I will share my review of the products, but let me give you the first impressions –

Elf Studio Makeup Mist & Set is something I ordered purely because I was curious and it is pretty reasonably priced.  L’occitane is one of my favourite brands and I love the how the products are naturally derived and smell gorgeous. I have a thick mass of hair and the purpose of a shampoo for me is to clean and not strip hair of the moisture. This shampoo does just that and leaves my hair soft and smelling amazing.

Waitrose Baby Bottom Butter is one of Sali’s (the beauty column I mentioned in my earlier post) recommendations for dry skin. It is so cheap so I thought I would try it out on my legs and heels left dry by the cold snap.

By Terry Touche Veloutee is something I was contemplating on buying for sometime. There are only 3 shades and the darkest one is the only match for me but I love the lightness of the product, I hate the creasing under the eyes, so lets see how it performs 9-5.

Laura Mercier Under Eye Perfector comes in 2 colours, orange-yellow and mauve rose. It is meant to neutralize the darkness for the most intense dark eyes. I bought it in orange/yellow and the secret concealer in No. 3.

Finally the Revlon Just Bitten balm and colour,I bought a bright pink shade called Desire just to try the concept of a stain.

So excited to give these a go over the weekend! Have a great one !



Waiting for spring


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While it’s still winter, I have, like many of us, mentally moved to spring. You cannot blame me for that, have you looked around you? Everyone is talking about spring colours (those yummy pastels) and discussing which bright lipsticks are perfect with those paisley prints.

So here I am mentally planning these warm weather outfits with my imaginary purchases till I look out of the window. Forget pastels, forget any colour for that matter, it is grey and hazy, the sort of grey you see when it is bitterly cold.

So I thought, why not forget the impending snow for a bit and share with you some moments from last summer. I visited my friends on the Greek island of Serifos with some gorgeous beaches, amazing greek food and well what more can you ask for :)


Marni for H&M Update


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I did a post here last month about the upcoming Marni for H&M collection. Yesterday I saw the new promo video directed by Sofia Coppola and I am even more excited about it!

It is such a sublime video, makes me want to buy the entire collection and get ready to head somewhere exotic … sigh!

here, have a look and let me know if you feel the same!

PS: The clothes are indeed gorgeous, love her dress and the necklace!

Wham is tres chic!


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I just had to share this with you all! The following video has French Vogue editor Emmanuelle Alt and Co. crooning to Wham’s classic Wake me up before you go go! Yes! And the amazing parody has a line up of top models including Anja Rubik crooning in the background! Is that genius or is that genius! You just have to watch it, love her and the video. Eons away from the devil and Prada!

What do you think?

Crazy about beauty


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I am always on the look out for some miracle beauty product. It isn’t that I have to fix some major skin issue, but it is more about discovering. I enjoy finding new products packed with promise. Whether they deliver or not is a different story. Sometime I am just happy with the ‘feel good factor’ it offers!

Over the past couple of years I have sourced information from varied sources. Magazines with the latest beauty finds (not sure if latest is always the best), books with iconic products and finally the blogs. I wonder where I checked out make up swatches before Temptalia!

Today I want to introduce you to my favourites –

Sali Hughes from the Guardian and Emily Weiss from Into The Gloss

Emily Weiss

Into The Gloss is a blog I came across when it featured in the monthly H&M magazine. From the first post onwards I was hooked. I love that Emily has access to the make up bags and bathroom cabinets of some amazing women all who speak about their routine is such detail, I feel a friend is speaking! The best part is they are honest if they use a 100 products and it isn’t about I just happen to look so good without any effort! I must admit I have picked up many great tips from the blog and a strong urge to be french! (don’t we all ??)

Sali Hughes

The second choice is a beauty column Sali Hughes writes for the Guardian (an English newspaper) every week. I tend to read it online as she also uploads a short video along with the column. The main reason I love her column is because it is just so straightforward. She tries out all the options for a topic each week and picks her 5 favourites keeping in mind all skin types and price ranges. What more can you ask for! I find it particularly helpful when I want to say find a primer and I just go to her listing and select the one I think would be most appropriate! And the comments section and Facebook group form an encyclopedia of information on their own. Fun banter to revive that dull Friday.

Warning – Regular use of the websites increases your beauty spend exponentially ;)

Which are your favourite beauty websites? Would love to know!

Let it snow !


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Heading out on Saturday – the snow makes for a pretty sight

If you were in the UK over this weekend, I am sure you either enjoyed the rare snow or you have a snow disruption story. There is always one or the other.

I was planning to have a quiet night in on Saturday but at the last-minute decided to head out for a cheesy pop night (aptly named ‘Club de Fromage’) at the O2 in Islington. It was so much fun teetering in the snow, snow fights after the party and impromptu girly stay-over as no one could get home :)

Did you have fun with all the snow ?

Pose along – I am wearing this yellow one shoulder dress from Warehouse (now on sale!) with YSL red lips

Yes! We have a mannequin in the living room :D